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Runecairn Bestiary

Runecairn Bestiary

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Wonderful resource for any Sword and Sorcery or Norse legend themed game. Written for the game Runecairn by

You reach the summit of the frozen mountain, shrieking wind whipping around the broad shield protecting your exposed face. You grit your teeth as you see the terrifying figure standing before you, burning red eyes peering within an icy white skull. The dead thing raises its arms and the two corpses laying frozen next to it shudder to life, hissing with rage.

You ready your shield and raise your bearded axe high above your head. You scream a prayer to the lost gods and charge forward…

Runecairn Bestiary is a 64-page tabletop RPG supplement for Norse fantasy roleplaying game Runecairn, adding 100 new monsters and rules for creating or converting even more.

The Bestiary Includes: 

  • 100 dangerous new monsters inspired by Norse mythology to terrify adventurers.
  • Guidance on creating your own monsters for Runecairn.
  • Tips on converting existing monsters from Cairn and other Into the Odd games.
  • Stunning and evocative art from Kim Diaz Holm, Felipe Faria, and more.


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