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Night Land

Night Land

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A weird-fantasy roleplaying game setting. Compatible with Old-School Essentials, for character levels 2–3.

Night Land is a realm where the sun has extinguished and its ashes lay strewn across a landscape. One after one, the stars in the universe are entering their ultimate stages of life, and existence is evaporating into memory. Night Land may take place far in the future, or even in the past. It is a dream-like realm existing without plot, which referees can weave to their will.

Point Crawl
Night Land is presented as a pointcrawl, where players travel between nodes on the map representing situations and locations of interest. The points can represent adventure sites, major encounters, or unusual landmarks and geography. The pointcrawl is an abstract system of organizing a map to keep land-based adventuring simple. Referees can adjust it for traditional hex-based play if preferred.


  • 17 locations described in convenient single-page spreads.

  • 14 original illustrations by Andrew Walter, many in full-color.

  • Fully-illustrated map.

  • 7 new monsters.

  • New magic items.

  • New spells.

  • Numerous random tables to generate encounters, rumors, cults, spells, NPCs, classes, and treasure.

  • 2 relationship matrices describing links between factions, beasts, and locations.

Writing and layout by Vasili Kaliman
Art by Andrew Walter
Cartography by Benjamin Marra
Published by Singing Flame, Summer 2021
48 pages, softcover, saddle stitched, full color throughout
8.3 × 5.8 in. / 21.0 × 14.8 cm


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